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Cooler Master NotePal X150R Laptop Cooler

by BlinkBh
14.000 BD

Brand Cooler Master
Color Black
Item Dimensions LxWxH 15.2 x 11.02 x 2.28 inches
Size Bis zu 17 Zoll
Item Weight 0.77 Kilograms

About this item

  • Performance Cooling Design - Laptop is elevated to maximize the airflow and increase heat dissipation.
  • Metal Mesh Surface - Provides a sturdy foundation and keeps the laptop cool.
  • Silence and Performance - 160mm silent fan for a quiet optimal cooling performance.
  • Blue LED - Blue LED shines through the center of the laptop cooler and 3 USB ports to meet your multiple connection.
  • Supports Various Sizes- support laptops up to 17