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Eureka Ergonomic Z1-S PRO Gaming Desk With RGB Lights - Black

by BlinkBh
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Experience gaming like never before on the Z1S-Pro Gaming Computer Desk -PC Gaming Desk. The Z1S-Pro was designed by gamers for gamers. You will not find a better gaming desk for console or PC Gaming on the market today. Loaded with features like RGB lighting, smooth carbon fiber texture desktop, headphone hook, cup holder, and controller stand. Scroll down to learn more about the Z1S-Pro features or click the Buy Now button to experience the Z1S-Pro gaming desk for yourself. Try risk free for 30-days. Plus, free shipping! Best way to know if you like it, is to try it!

Z1S-Pro Gaming Computer Desk -PC Gaming Desk


Never compromising, keeping your gear safe and secure. That's why we engineered the Z1S-Pro Gaming Computer Desk -PC Gaming Desk with a ultra stable and sturdy Z shaped leg design. The Z1S-Pro also boasts a super strong metal frame under the desktop with F-1 inspired stabilizer arms keeping your gaming desk from wobbling under the most extreme gaming conditions. Experience gaming on a whole new level confident that your Z1S-Pro Gaming Desk is going to stand up to your extreme demands day after day, supporting the best gaming experience possible.

Z1S-Pro Gaming Computer Desk -PC Gaming Desk


Watch your Z1S-Pro gaming desk come alive with built-in dynamic RGB lighting in the legs and desktop. Simply plug the USB cable into your gaming pc, gaming laptop, Xbox or PS4, and BOOM! You'll light up the room. Choose your favorite color or dynamic RGB multi-color light show. Experience your game like never before with the Eureka Z1S-Pro gaming desk.

Z1S-Pro Gaming Computer Desk -PC Gaming Desk


The Eureka Z1S-Pro Gaming Desk comes equipped with an integrated cable management system located under and in the desktop. Get that tangled mess of cords under control with the Eureka Z1S-Pro Gaming Desks Cable Management System consisting of a concealed power strip tray and desktop gromets for your Gaming PC, Gaming Laptop, Xbox, or PS4.

Z1S-Pro Gaming Computer Desk -PC Gaming Desk


To acheive level of gaming experience you deserve top gear is required and you need a place to store it. The Eureka Gaming Z1S-Pro Gaming Desk comes with plenty of added features to help you reach the Apex of your gaming experience.

1. Gaming Headphone Hook

2. Gaming Controller Stand

3. Cup Holder

4. Large Gaming Mouse Pad

5. Carbon Fiber Texture and Cable Management

Z1S-Pro Gaming Computer Desk -PC Gaming Desk